So, I'm wide awake,

2 am in a queen-size bed

cold and dead I lie with a pen

n’ half sunk paper red.



Moonlight Sonata playing on loop

a piece of art of solitude

inks get blurred and words bleed,

giving up so easily

how swiftly memories fade.



autumn leaves fall

n’ create the mood of colours on the street,

snows fall and bury the beauty

so, do the numbers increase.



do you not reverse?

growing old is hypocritical

you give me days or take away my days?

anyway, you can cut the thread

and set me free

so that my soul can raise.



I do not fear you anymore

I left you behind

when you left me all alone

in the dark rays.

Dear Heart



Years pass by

the faces we meet,

but the vision of the one gets replayed

when unconscious we're in sleep.

hearts change so do we

hopes are long gone

more I can feel

just like I love to imagine

the shapes of clouds changing.


I hated much of your heart

yet I loved it unbelievably more

so much that-

I wished to have it every night

wished to nourish it

wished to paint my colours on it

but it is not a thing to own!


A living thing so destructive

yet so innovative,

it can blend the way you want it.

Only if we could control

this living beating thing inside of our chest,

it would have been a greater brighter world

it would have been,

only if…

Like A Poem



Like a poem

paint my fantasies on your fingertips,

Shake my nerve

delight me with your shower of kisses,

Shortened breaths and mild moans

my lips redden,


utterly lovable grace

of your desire deepens.

A Mere Existence



A mere existence
your life is
seeking the unanswerable
ground to the endless seas.

The span too short

to win the deeds,
dilemmas overflow
turning you sick

Owning nothing until you finish 
decorating your dreams.

Strange Thoughts



When your time on earth is elevating

you tend to notice everything else is but temporary,

Lovers' fore smack or friendship's complications 

or family's expectations.

Nothing do they remember

I stay hidden in my room made up of clay.

Thunders strike n' I shiver

none come to share the warmth

I'm used to dreaming by myself.

is it okay to be lonely?

I see hands and eyes yearning at me

Oh there's plenty

but anyway, I'm truly lonely

Is it because I seek him only?

Everybody's in hurry while

I'm walking slowly 

under the sky full of white clouds

winds blowing, birds chirruping,

leaves dancing,


The very-known rhythms 

may stop beating

and I'll be lying on this muddy ground 

looking above to this beautiful world

who very less have given

yet have taken a lot from me.




When seclusion dominates you, 

Loneliness is just a mere heartache 

Making you realise 

"There’s suffering n' it has a cause."

No matter how strong your faith is

Brittle it seems to the world.

They don't call

They don't ask how I am doing anymore

No! None is busy

This is where the ego sets in

Destroying every hope that you hold

In your stupid little heart.




Never would I come

and ask for your heart

why should I?

when its fragments are meant

for them pretty foxes!


I and my bruised heart

are perfectly okay without you,

I care not if you don't care,

you can behold me from distant,

n' that would be

Our pretty well-known secret.

Tender is the Night


Tender is the night

the passion n’ delight

his hands fondling mine

Oh! If only I could stop the time!


The breath of spring

warms my skin

here lies he, so close to me

talking about his dreams.


Then stops

those eyes yearning at me

wonder n’ soft laughter

then, kisses n’ pulls me closer

n’ engulfs me,

the shower of breaths n’ kisses

my palms sweat

tears spill n’ he moans my name

for a while making me

forget my existence.​


I loved him! so did he,

if only I could stop the time

I could’ve been she.

Midnight Thoughts


The midnight thoughts
makes me even lonelier,
when you're awake
or spending your hours with your lover,
I see your curves as an art form
that is meant to be a beautiful sculpture.
I despise the inevitable truth
that your beauty will decay
No! I want this beauty to stay.
your coloured lips bring me to wonder
Oh, how I wish to delicately kiss them,
the way your eyelashes bat
for eternity I want to behold them.

Am I a fool to be in love with you?
the enchantment thrives in me
when you flip your hair
Thy heart you claimed,
and I sold it to you 
here I lie in an empty bed,
the words my mouth couldn't speak
thus left forever unsaid.

A Letter



I've been here around
these four walls
since the time I learnt
to express and muse. 
I, an egoist never learnt
to accompany the fake laughter
eventually, taught myself to embrace the solitude. 

I, I'm none but a mere being
in the ocean of figures
I n' my arts 
dust it'd turn into
never knew since when
do I care about oblivion? 
I, a loner in search of a flower 
a flower, that has not scent

nor colour
but the nectar that enthral. 



The Time plays
so do our hearts
Oh! I expect nothing 
but a little tender n care.

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