Sacred Blood : Acrylic Original Artwork

SACRED BLOOD it is called.

From the very beginning, women's period blood has been considered as dirty or disgusting. Can we think for some moment and question this again? 
The womb of a woman is the source of all creation. Don't you get astonished to think that life is created inside a mother's womb from a tiny cell to a living creature?
Here in this artwork, I wanted to paint a naked woman sitting and bleeding. Her womb is the ultimate creator. and she is proud to bleed. she is proud to call herself a woman. a creator. a divine being.

think again :)

*A3 size

*Shipping - All orders are packed inside cardboard and then put inside between two pieces of tharmocol to ensure safe arrival. 
For the INTERNATION SHIPPING, the postal cost might be a little higher than the general as I pack the artworks with utmost safety and care and sometimes it can weigh a bit more for adding extra cushion. Hope you appreciate that :)

Once placed, orders will be shipped the next day and will reach to you by the following week.

thank you.

Sacred Blood : Acrylic Original Artwork



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