Oblivion : Original Acrylic Artwork


The artwork represents Eternity. Sometimes we feel lost, sometimes found. NO matter how life brings us troubles and tribulations but it also brings joy, love and soul. It's all about energies and how we dwell with them. We have the power to use our subconscious mind and energies to manifest whatever we want in our lives present. 
This is a painting where I wanted to show how wonderful our lives are if we have the eyes to behold and mind to manifest and soul to feel peace and love. 
The oblivion might depict both sides of our lives, sometimes it makes us wonder, sometimes it makes us despise. And The Rainbow only shows its colours when the sun shines and the sky rains. And it is a beautiful life anyway. :)


*A3 size


*Premium wooden Framed

*Shipping - All orders are packed inside cardboard and then put inside between two pieces of tharmocol to ensure safe arrival.

For the INTERNATION SHIPPING, the postal cost might be a little higher than the general as I pack the artworks with utmost safety and care and sometimes it can weigh a bit more for adding extra cushion.

Hope you appreciate that :)

Once placed, orders will be shipped the next day and will reach to you by the following week.

Oblivion : Original Acrylic Artwork



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