Leather Vintage Journal : Handwritten poems with sketches

A beautiful vintage jounral filled with 100 original poems handwritten by fountain pen and hand-drawn illustrations. It's a treasure for someone who wants to keep it dear to his/her heart.


It's a place where you find the art and the soul of the artist herself. 


  • Unique handmade vintage paper - vintage journal is made with 240 pages of antique paper which looks like it was pulled from history. You will fall in love with the antique handmade cotton paper.
  • Sturdy binding and leather wraparound - sturdy hand stitched binding to make sure that no paper comes out loose from your vintage notebook . The leather wraparound keeps the papers of the journal safe and secure.
  • Premium soft supple thick genuine leather - journal is made from cruelty free naturally tanned full grain leather which feels and smells amazing.



delivery - I would take 10-15 days to write and draw. Once i am done crafting the art, it'll be packed with love and gifts and shipped the following day.


the gifts include - hardcover edition of To Love is To Muse (book), hand-typed poetry on typewriter, 1 artsy t-shirt and hand-painted bookmarks and many more.


Leather Vintage Journal : Handwritten poems with sketches

  • Size - 9 x 6 Inches

    All of the poems will be written in fountain black ink pen.

    The original illustrations in between the poems will be sketched by yours truly.

    this is a keepsake for art, poetry and my soul.


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