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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

spirituality is a universal religion. topics

1. Meditation 2. Mind and body connection 3. When spirituality meets science.

4. Knowing you as a divine being

This is a very bad time for ourselves. Everybody is in panic. Everybody is staying home, in complete isolation. There are bad things happening around the world, but what more can we do? We cannot control the whole world. What we can control is just ourselves, and the people around you. By contemplating your own emotional and mental health is a great start. I don’t know how many of you guys are going to implement the information that I am going to share with you, but, here’s to my little knowledge that I want to share with whomsoever is interested in taking.

Yes, we humans are social beings because that’s how our brains are processed right after we are born. But, technically we came in this world alone, and we leave this world alone. So, either you can enjoy these isolation days for good, or you get just bored and do nothing about it.

It all starts with being still and knowing your mind, body and spirit. We call it meditation. What is meditation?

The earlier Upanishad, it states that "having become calm and concentrated, one perceives the self (ātman) within oneself"

Taoist meditation has developed techniques including concentration, visualization, qi cultivation, contemplation, and mindfulness meditations in its long history.

Jain meditation and spiritual practices system were referred to as salvation-path. It has three parts called the Ratnatraya "Three Jewels": right perception and faith, right knowledge and right conduct. Meditation in Jainism aims at realizing the self, attaining salvation, and taking the soul to complete freedom. It aims to reach and to remain in the pure state of soul which is believed to be pure consciousness, beyond any attachment or aversion.

According to the Theravada and Sarvastivada commentatorial traditions, and the Tibetan tradition, the Buddha identified two paramount mental qualities that arise from wholesome meditative practice:

· "serenity" or "tranquility" (Pali: samatha) which steadies, composes, unifies and concentrates the mind;

· "insight" (Pali: vipassana) which enables one to see, explore and discern "formations" (conditioned phenomena based on the five aggregates).

Through the meditative development of serenity, one is able to weaken the obscuring hindrances and bring the mind to a collected, pliant and still state (samadhi). This quality of mind then supports the development of insight and wisdom (Prajñā) which is the quality of mind that can "clearly see" (vi-passana) the nature of phenomena.


I am a young woman currently living with my family, still trying to figure out my purpose in this beautiful chaotic serene wilderness wondrous and vicious world. Perspective! It’s like a veil in your eyes if you have the right key you see the rainbow, butterfly, laughter, joy, sunshine, kindness, and beautiful varieties of green, if not you see the thunderstorms, rain, bitterness, pain, whatnot… you name it, create it. It all starts with a thought. So, I’ve been thinking for a long time about noting down my experiences in my journey towards enlightenment, even though I have just started, I feel like sharing everything I know with the people surrounding me. Even though I am still learning every day about the aspects of creating a better version of myself, I have been noticing a major lack in spiritual enlightenment of the people I know myself, starting with my family members, the seniors, my peers, friends and the people I know in general. Should I be sad about it? I fear that if I go and tell them there is a whole lot of different world out there that begins with the inner you, they would either be impatient with me or think I am crazy! Either way, I do not care and I go on, keep on telling them, suggesting them the ways they could start meditating and reading books that could help them understand about spirituality more.

I am a student of literature and believe it or not, I was never an avid reader! I always envied the intellectual people, in fact, I still do envy them that they somehow always have a way to speak and act, but I do not know why, I always came across those intellectuals who were depressed, addicts, and in general with very negative perspectives! Weird people who inspire you to be being in love with artsy sadness and life hating dark emotions you know, anyway! I love books! I love reading stories. I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but, after a while, I wanted books that could inspire me for real, not just temporary happiness like, “ oh I can relate with the heroine, I can relate with the problems that she is going through, it’s right, I am not alone” etc etc, I wanted heroines that could find me solutions of my problems that could help me for a long run, you know, not just temporary “oh a great relatable story” kind of happiness, but, the kind that challenges you to get up your ass and work on your problems and find a good possible solution!

That’s when I did need someone who could help with my spiritual awakening! No, I am not just a mere being who came here to just live and die, satisfy other’s expectations, I am here for creating an impact, to give and receive, to learn and teach, to live that is to find my truest self. I didn’t find anyone who could help me! I just wish I had a mentor. I am so grateful that the universe works in its own mysterious ways. Somehow I got introduced to such books that helped me to slowly unravel myself. I still smile and think when did it all start? I honestly do not know. It was a slow process, a long process. It all started with the thought of listening to all kinds of people for real. Some were very successful and sad, others were not so successful and still sad. Well, right now I don’t know about being a successful person but I am a very happy and fulfilled person and I am so grateful that my journey is just self-revelation, after all these knowing and unknowing, learning and unlearning, seeking and trying I somehow found happiness right in here. Yes, life can be mysterious.

It may not always go according to your plan, but it is perfect always either way. Suppose, someone, says “fuck you” to you, either you can be sad or mad or just smile and wave and say “bless you too” Perspective!

I am still seeking a mentor who could guide me deeper in my journey but I will not stop learning and expanding my life in every possible way. Richness starts in here. Earlier on this journey, I was trying to learn to meditate, and then it didn’t become one of my routines yet. But I knew it’s not just sitting still and be thoughtless etc.

I knew there was something more to it. I became frustrated sometimes, awestruck the other times but I still couldn’t fall in love with the absolute “stillness” Then suddenly one day I realized I was falling in love with nature, like, looking wondrously at trees, sun, moon, birds, insects, etc Then I was like, oh my god, I’ve been blind this whole time.

How could I not notice that weird trees with weird looking leaves, the shades of colors, the scents, the aura, the energy! The revelation! I knew it was a good start. I started laughing more, hoping for more, basically, I was starting to love life, my life, the existence of an unknown intelligence that is beyond our perception and our five senses! I started doing meditation twice a day! And NOW I am emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually very fulfilled.

I didn’t need anything but my consciousness to perceive that I am a part of this bigger intelligence and I do have a purpose in this world. No matter what I would never stop learning I promised myself.

Mind body connection

Oh, I am still processing it. In my science classes, I was not taught that my mind can do whatever it wants with my body, they certainly didn’t teach me that my mind can literally change my DNA structures! I wish I knew this earlier.

I would recommend you guys pick up books like Becoming Supernatural, You Are The Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza and get to know about the miracles that your mind is capable of performing. About implementing this knowledge in my practical waking life, it is a mind-boggling journey for me. When you’re still, so still that your mind is absolutely in no disturbance mode, your awareness is all there is, you begin to think, whether you’re your body or your mind or a divine consciousness that is projected for something much bigger than our perceptions? You begin to question everything. Our brains are our tools, not the other way around. When I realized that I can make myself feel anything I want, not what my mind wants me to feel (dwelling on past and future), not what my body wants me to feel (sensitive to particular feelings) but what I want it to feel, just like being in the absolute “present” Being so conscious that momentarily forget about everything but “now” then I sometimes get lost and I try to watch my thoughts silently being a spectator.

It’s like when I lost track thinking about something bad that happened to me and feeling sad about it, then suddenly be like “you cannot control someone’s action but yours.” So why not thinking about the good things that happened to you, instead we always focus on the lack, not the abundance!

A conversation between me and my brain.

“Dear mind, you’re my tool, a highly efficient computer that is given to me for my own good. If you can secrete happy hormones that heal my body and soul, why do you tend to inspire me to think toxic thoughts so that you can release toxins making me sad and depressed, so, I am not your tool, rather you’re mine. Now that I am more conscious, I will mold you according to my own needs, so please behave.”

“Whatever, you only can use 8% of me. The rest of me is a sacred divinely locked potential. Dare unlock it?”

“Yes, I take the challenge. a rocky mountain isn’t a rocky mountain unless i think it is.”

“Use me well, I shall give you anything! tire me well, you’re stuck on the time loop!”

“Words are not words unless you feel it.”

So, whenever I lose my track, I start conversing with my mind as if it was a separate entity. Books are the gateway to freedom. Thank you universe for making me stumble upon such great books that provided me with the knowledge that I can implement on my own life to make it better, clearer, happier and abundant. So, how can you start experiencing such thing? Start with focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want. Suppose, if you think it’s all bullshit, I am not judging you but you should be open to possibilities and knowledge unless you’re yourself Buddha. Anyway, start with waking up one morning and without touching your phone right away, just be still and conscious for some moment, feel the sunlight, the warmth, and the air around you and just smile, think how grateful you are that you’re breathing right now. For just five minutes. You will start noticing changes in your behaviors. You might just go hug your mom without any reasons. Your mom might just laugh and kiss you on your forehead and without even knowing you would start elevating emotions with higher frequencies that eventually make you attract good things into your life. our mind and body behave accordingly to what we feel inside. When you consciously or actively think bad thoughts, you emit lower frequencies which means your magnetic field isn’t that bright at all, your mind tends to secrete toxins eventually resulting your body getting weaker, more lethargic, or whatnot. On the contrary, when you actively emit greater frequencies by thinking great thoughts and elevated emotions, your mind secretes happy and healthier hormones eventually resulting your body feeling more energetic, healthy, and perfect. Your magnetic field gets expanded and bright hence resulting you attracting opportunities, love, and abundance. It is a vast subject and some numerous books and lectures could make you understand better. So I would suggest you pick these books and read. Start reading. Be awakened. It's THE TIME that we all should know what the great spiritual teacher once taught and talked and wrote about it. This Quantum reality is a whole another world. It’s the space where spirituality meets science. The books are: Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza The Power of Now by Echart Tolle Etc. It’s all connected. One happy thought can change your entire day. There are many things to be grateful about. When there is light, there will be darkness too. But if we dwell on the darkness and get sad about it, the light tends to fade away too. So, why not ignore the darkness and focus on the light that leads us to the greater path. Look at the Sun. It’s been there always. It’s hope. It’s unconditional love. It’s the faith. It’s the light that still binds us all together no matter what. I am still learning. Some days, I am happier, some days I am not. But, I still try to look at the better things. I consciously choose to.

When spirituality meets science.

When I started reading books about this, I could not believe it myself. Why wasn’t I taught about this in school? Huh. This education system though. For me, gaining knowledge is zero if I cannot implement the knowledge in bettering my life. So, I started with small steps. Our brains do not know the difference between what we are truly experiencing in our waking lives or what we are imagining what’s happening or experiencing. So, when we are imagining our lives to be absolutely great and abundant, we trick our brains as if they are happening for real, hence, our brain starts emitting higher frequencies and resulting to attract the same opportunity or experience for real in our waking lives. It is not rocket science and magic, it is the truth. We are normally programmed by our subconscious mind. When we start to shift our own reality by imagining and feeling, our subconscious mind starts believing it. Hence, you have the power to bend your own reality. It’s a vast subject, so, I recommend you to have your own research about it. When we become still or meditate, or you can say when our conscious mind is calm enough i.e. no thoughts passing by making it chaotic, that’s when we have access to our subconscious. Our brains are like a superficial computer. It downloads information without you even realizing it. We are operated 95% of our waking lives by our subconscious programs. So, to access our subconscious, we need to calm our conscious mind which means meditating. Then, when we are still enough, we can start re-programming our subconscious the way we want it to be. Suppose, in your childhood, you were treated badly by your family hence your subconscious mind programmed itself to be like “no one loves me, I have no self-worth” kind of reality that your brain thinks. To change this program, first, you need to be still enough, then go into your subconscious mind and imagine as if everybody loves you, feeling how you would feel if everybody starts loving you, how you would like to change certain behavior patterns, literally imagining how you are loved, accepted and respected. You can start using affirmations too. There is a huge power to these two words “I AM” State and feel. “I am Loved. I am respected. I am so grateful that everybody loves who I truly am.” You can state whatever you want. That’s how you reprogram your subconscious. It may not be an easy process, but, once again, our brains do not know the difference between what you’re experiencing for real or whatever you are imagining. Now think about, there are already enough bad happening around the world. Besides, we are also imagining more bad thoughts to make our lives even worse. It is fucked up. So, be conscious of what you are thinking or imagining. Our brains are our tools, not the other way around. Be actively think good thoughts, imagine your success, and imagine being loved and respected, see the magic happen. Did you even know one single thought has the potential to change your DNA structure? What? Yes. Research.


Nicola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

What is music? It’s the combination of frequency, vibration, and energy. Music is the universal language. Music is spirituality. Music is nature. Music is Art. Music was the bridge towards the enlightenment until one bastard in history invented how to tweak and use bad frequency to put a full stop to our endless potential. Ever heard of the frequency 440 Hz?

If you’re a musician, your instruments are all tuned in 440 Hz. If you are not a musician, you probably listen to music that is recorded in 440 Hz. What does it do?

It creates a disturbance in your system. Water’s molecular structure gets easily influenced by sound or vibration or frequency. There are various experiments done on this topic. 440 Hz is a frequency that influences the molecular structure of water to shape into a disturbing form, which means the water molecules are not in harmony. Whereas the frequencies like 432 Hz or 528 Hz which are considered the frequencies of nature, meaning, the sound of birds, wind, sea, etc are healing. The water molecules get in harmony and somehow form a crystalized geometric shape with the frequencies like 432 or 528 Hz. You start to feel whole, serene, happy, fulfilled, loved when your body is exposed to frequencies like 432 or 528 Hz.

Do your own research.

Now, our body consists of more or less 85% of water. No wonder why we feel excited or distressed or depressed at the same time when we are exposed to 440 Hz everywhere, starting from the news, music, ads, and everything.

So, start being conscious about what you are listening to as well. It is a vast subject. Do your own research.

If you’re a musician, start tuning your instruments into 432 Hz. Experience the magic happen.

Did you know that water has memory? And you could use water in various ways to make yourself feel good? Take a bottle of water and holding it close to feel all the good emotions or memories. Now, you are emitting higher frequencies which eventually turn the water molecules in your water bottle to form certain crystalized geometrical shape which is good. Now when you drink this water, these water molecules in harmony help the water molecules in your body to reshape, hence, resulting in you feeling good. That’s crazy. Implement it. Experience it yourself.

Let your magnetic field expand. Let your aura shine bright.

Knowing you as a divine being

There are numerous arguments regarding this topic. In the history of every culture, there were many yogis or enlightened people who attained such experiences that we are all aware of. If you see in recent history, there is enough evidence regarding this. If Yogis could do it, we could do it too. Just be open to knowledge and possibilities. Ask the universe that you need signs and ways toward it.

Then experience yourself.

When I started doing this and surrendered, I experienced things that were spooky to me at first, then I was like, cool. Haha.


It can be frustrating and also a divine experience. But if you’re someone like me who is open to possibilities and knowledge, we need to be patient. Buddha himself got enlightened after years of preaching and practicing spirituality. It’s the moment when the inner you are in control of your mind and body and space. It’s a very bad definition but that’s how I simplify to make my naive brain understand.

Enlightenment starts with having patience and experiencing the unknown. Our brains are very judgmental by nature and love to be unconscious most of the time. When our brains are trained enough, I mean trained enough, that’s when it just gets started. Then it is a long long way further. If you are eager to experience enlightenment, Let me simplify the basic process so that you can just get started -

1. Meditate at least an hour, twice a day. You can make it 30 minutes in the morning just after you woke up and 30 minutes before sleeping. Chakra meditation is the perfect meditation to start with to get the energy flow in your body. If you’re thinking, what how why? There is plenty of information about it in the books I suggested to you. There are numerous lectures, articles online. Learn. And then implement.

2. Be consciously kind, generous, open yourself to possibilities. Be conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and how you react to certain feelings.

3. Read more about it. Connect the dots. Understand the knowledge in your own possible way. No one will judge you for that. Who cares? Reflect them. Be consciously grateful. Practice yoga.

4. The last but most important, be thankful for everything. Good or bad, just be thankful for everything. I know it’s a long process, but I have started with these. And I did have weird psychedelic experiences which were creepy first, then I got used to it. Maybe someday I will be having mystical experiences when I am conscious or awakened enough. I hope this will make you research this and start with your own journey.

Life is beautiful.


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